A Kaleidoscopic View


A Kaleidoscopic View

Sunday, 3 May | Time: 12.30h

Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope, a small telescope-like tube with multiple lenses? When you point it to the light and look through it colorful bits of glass or plastic produce beautiful forms which delight the eye! I had a simple toy kaleidoscope when I was a child and I could spend hours peering through it, turning it round and round and marveling at what I saw.

Paul’s letter to the Colossian church is in some ways like a kaleidoscope. The more you look, the more beauty you see, the beauty of Jesus Christ in all His majesty. Just when you think you have seen all that is there in the text you blink, and suddenly in your mind’s eye you see more of the magnificence of Christ. It is so much more than a child’s amusement, it is worship and life transformation.

This week we will begin a new sermon series on Colossians. In the coming weeks as we make our way through the letter I am certain you will marvel, not only at what you see in this inexhaustibly rich letter, but also at the hope we have in Christ. Join us this Sunday for a first look through the kaleidoscope of Colossians.