About the community

We are not a mere collection of individuals, but a community that loves to meet each other and God. We’d love to get to know you too! You are very welcome to get to know us and to join in.

An international church

ICF Delft is an international church, filled with people from all around the world. From all the continents of the earth, we come together to celebrate our faith and be a fellowship together.

Christ connects us

Our church community is connected by our common faith in Christ Jesus. We are all Christians and follow Jesus in our daily lives. Read more about our faith below.

Share our lives in fellowship

We meet each other regularly and not only on Sundays. We try to share our lives with each other throughout the week.

In and for the city

We all live in or around Delft and meet right in the city center. We want to be a community in the midst of the city!

ICF Delft: ‘Connect – Grow – Serve’

What we stand for

ICF Delft is a English-language Christian fellowship, part of the worldwide Christian church, holding a reformed-evangelical conviction. Our faith is based on the revelation of God in Jesus as described in the Bible, illuminated by the Holy Spirit.  ICF Delft is a Christian community consisting of people from across the whole world.  Our passion is to honour God by serving people in an inter-cultural, English-speaking community.


ICF Delft longs to see the glory of God and the welfare of people demonstrated through internationals in Delft living and loving as followers of Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to invite everyone, of all backgrounds, to become disciples of Jesus, to help them grow in faith in Jesus, and together to serve Jesus where they live and work and wherever they go.


ICF Delft exists because of Jesus’ calling to be “salt of the earth” and “light of the world”.  By God’s grace:

1) we are an inviting, caring fellowship closely connected with Jesus,

2) we teach and explain the Bible carefully, showing its relevance for today, helping people to grow in the knowledge of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and

3) we manifest a healing community, serving the (spiritual and material) needs of people around, seeking the welfare of the city.

Our pastors

We have three pastors that regularly conduct our services. Please meet them:

Niek Tramper

I came to living faith in Christ during my college time, graduated as a biologist from Wageningen University and later as a theologian from Utrecht University. My interest has always been in questions about the relationship between science, culture and (Christian) faith.

I served several years with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) and worked around 13 years for missions and the missionary cooperation of churches in Europe and the Middle East. I am ordained pastor of the Protestant Church in Delft with a special duty for the ministry in ICF-Delft. My passion is: to invite young people becoming disciples of Jesus with a heart to take part in the Great Mission of the living God and to help them flourish where they are planted. Several books from my hand like the ones on the Psalms and the book of Daniel refer to that passion. For my wife Jenny and me our five children and seven grandchildren are a special joy.

Simon van der Lugt

I like to read poetry. It’s like a little verbal structure. A poet can say a lot with just a few words. Sometimes you must read it again and again. A poem doesn’t reveal itself easily. A like talking to people. It can be about anything. Sometimes it will be very openhearted, sometimes the questions remain.

We all carry our secrets. Or questions. In my experience conversations are a major contributor to a good life. I believe that God uses our conversations to make things right. Being a minister of a Christian church means living amongst Gods words and those of people. That’s very appealing to me.

Hans-Jan Roosenbrand

I was born and raised in a Christian family. When I was a child, our family was part of a small international church in Rotterdam. Later, during my time as a student, I devoted my live to Christ. After graduating from law school at Nijmegen University, I decided to want to become a pastor.

I finished my master in Theology at the University of Kampen and first worked as a minister in a small Reformed Church in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam. Today I combine working as a pastor in a Dutch Reformed Church in Delft with being a minister for international students in ICF Delft. I especially enjoy preparing the sermons and leading Sunday services. But I also like the regular bible studies during the week with christians and non christians from all over the world. I find it amazing what can be seen from the work of God in this international community and in the lives of so many young people!