Amazingly different! Service on Jan. 7 with Potluck Lunch

radical discipleship

Amazingly different!

What characterizes a disciple of Jesus? It is very strange to hear something like this: to be poor in spirit, to mourn, to be meek, or to be persecuted. Indeed completely contrary to core values in our society focusing intellectual achievements, self-development and assertiveness!

Why did Jesus describe his disciples like this? Do we need this kind of people in the church and in our society? The answer may sound astonishing again: more than ever! Hear more about the ‘why’ and about Jesus’ invitation to radical discipleship in the service of ICF Delft on 7 January 2018! This will be the first service in our new series on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’. Join us in the following weeks and discover with us what Jesus calls his disciples to do!


ICF Delft Potluck Lunch

After the service we will have a Potluck lunch at the Génestet church Oude Delft 102.
This will work like usual: Everyone brings some food to church, either savoury or sweet, enough for 8-10 people. There are limited warming options in the kitchen (a small microwave, and electric plates).  You could bring, homemade or shop-bought (for example savoury dish, vegetables, rice, bread, cheese, snacks, dessert, biscuits, tart, fresh fruit or vla). Everything is welcome!

Also feel free to invite friends too. If you have non-Christian friends who aren’t ready to attend a church service but who may like to meet some Christians they are welcome to join us after the service. We are looking forward to meet everyone!