Anna Bin Yang starts a coaching ministry

Picture 2. Anna Bin with Chinese student 2

Anna Bin has a lot of experiences in helping internationals with cultural and reversed cultural shock and integration. Recently she has completed her study in coaching and counselling and is qualified to be a coach and counsellor. ICF-Delft will provide a basis for her to start her ministry in coaching and training. For this purpose, an agreement has been made between Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF), Anna Bin and ICF-D.

With our help Anna Bin will develop courses about themes like: “The 3D Gospel-learn how the Gospel speaks to all cultures”; “How to build healthy Boundaries”; “How to balance study/work and personal needs—prevention on over-stress and burnout”; “Returnee Ministry-preparing for life back home after studying/working abroad”. She also provides individual counselling for international students and young professionals. Besides her missionary work, she plans to start her own practice and hopes to generate an income from it in the longer term. In the church service of 17 February, she will give a short intro of her ministry and receive God’s blessing.

Next to that Anna Bin offers private counselling services to the ICF-Community (among others). It is good to give some more clarity and transparency on the intake process. More in detail:

  • ICF we will not be involved with commercial activities. The connection of Anna Bin with ICF is because of our preference to recommend a Christian counsellor we know, to our community. Nevertheless, this personal counseling is not performed in the context of ICF.
  • From both sides we agree personal counselling requires personal consideration. ICF’s only role in this is providing a platform for Anna Bin. We very much appreciate Anna’s, careful intake procedure, providing church members all required input for selecting their councillor upfront. The intake process includes: introduction (confirming there is a ‘click’), exploring counselling options and provide a clear counselling plan, with upfront cost indication.