Back to the past or back to the future!?!


Exodus 17:1-7

Sometimes it is good that our wishes are not answered in the way we want.
Israel being free from Egypt and short after this it is longing back several times. Here in Exodus 17 it’s the third time they want to return to their past. How patient is the God of Israel? Is He giving what they ask?

Receiving a new home and new destiny and a new goal in our life takes time, maybe a lifetime, God is learning His people. Sometimes the journey seems too difficult, too dangerous, too unsure to continue. It seems the best to stay were you are or return where you came from.

But Gods Kingdom is not back in time, but before us. Returning to Him is going back to the future, or better: Is receiving His future through His Kingdom. Therefore He is learning to be confident with God alone.  That’s the lesson God is learning us. The best return is to turn us to God. In that way we receive a new future through Jesus Christ.

Be most welcome this Sunday, 3 November 2019 in the New Church at 12:30, to find out more about this!

Pastor Christiaan Olie