Bible Study – Book of Jonah


You are warmly invited to join our Bible study series on the Book of Jonah.
When: This week, Thursday 09 November, 20.00 – 22.00

Continuing on:
23 November
07 December

Where: The Old Church, Heilige Geestkerkhof 25, 2611 HP, Delft.  We use the side entrance. 
(Please note, this is not the church where we meet on Sundays).

What: We are studying the book of Jonah, one of most well-loved books of the Bible. Many people are familiar with the character of Jonah, his extraordinary experience with a big fish, and the surprising results of his prophetic visit to the city of Nineveh. On the surface, the story is simple and can be easily told to children, yet there is a depth to the story that is nothing short of awesome!

Who: Bob Landon is leading. He has introduced us to the art of “inductive Bible study”. This is a simple step by step method which simply involves asking four questions:  What do we see in the text? How do we understand it? What is the eternal truth of text?  How do we respond to that truth?

He has also been briefly explaining some of the basic elements of Bible narratives (stories). Everyone understands stories, but we are taking a closer look at some parts of Bible stories that will help us see more in the text.

Jonah also includes a short poem. The wonderful thing about Hebrew poetry is that the most important qualities of the poetry can be translated into other languages without hardly losing any of the beauty and meaning. We are learning how to read and appreciate more fully the poetry of the Old Testament in translation.

This is an interactive study, in which everyone has opportunity to discuss what they see in the text and how they understand it. Together we are working toward responding to the truths that are in the Bible.

The study is suitable for a wide variety of people, whether you are new to the faith or are exploring the beliefs of Christianity, or whether you have been a Christian for decades. Indeed, if you have read the story of Jonah countless times and have listened to many sermons from Jonah you might be surprised to find treasures in the text that you had not seen before.

We hope you can join us.