Blessing for Children


What makes us happy?
The word ‘blessing’ has a very positive connotation in day-to-day language. A surprising success, a happy encounter or a very positive evaluation… we may call it all a blessing. We experience it as a gift, an unexpected fruit that makes us happy and gives us new energy.
How can we be a blessing for others? What is the secret of blessing our study friends, our colleagues, our neighbours, our children or our parents?

Jacob’s blessing of his grandchildren
In the Bible passage that we are going to read coming Sunday (Genesis 48) we come across Joseph’s father Jacob blessing his two grandchildren, Ephraim and Manasseh, just before his death. Their families will grow in number. They will be fruitful in life and take their share in the Promised Land. But then there is a surprise. In laying hands on the heads of the children as a sign of blessing, the old man crosses his arms. The second becomes the first and the first becomes the second.

The paradox of grace
It demonstrates at least that we cannot claim blessings. It shows the ‘paradox of grace’: the blessing is for the little ones in particular, not the ones who think to be entitled for it. Blessing is closely connected with the free, unconditional gift of God. If you may know the blessing of his forgiveness, the undeserved gift of his love, you want to pass it on! Not only to the ones who are dear to you, but also to those who seem to be opponents or even enemies.

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Coming Sunday, 22 October in the Génestet church, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15.