Death and After

death and after

Death and After

People have always wondered what happens after death. But the honest Christian answer is: we don’t know. Death is a mystery to us. This Sunday, November 26, we will therefore look at the Old Testament. There we find the story about Joseph’s death in Genesis 50, 22-26: a brief, down-to-earth story that tells us what we need to know about life, death and beyond.

Discover more in our service coming Sunday, 26 November at 12:15pm.


Sunday School – Change of location!

Due to a special occasion, the Sunday School this Sunday will take place in the chapel of the Old Church (Heilige Geestkerkhof 25, 2611 HP, Delft).

We kindly ask, that you would bring your children to the Old Church at 12.05pm. Then you will have time to go to the Service and we will begin with the class by 12:15pm. We will have the full length of the Sunday School service in the Old Church, so please be sure to give any updated contact information and a phone number where we can reach you in case needed during Sunday School.

After the Service in the Génestet Church is over, please come right after to pick up your children again from the Old Church.