Dynamic Christian community

Dynamic Christian Community in Antioch

What does it mean to be Christian? Members of a newly established international fellowship in Antioch, Syria (± 40 A.D.) were called ‘Christians’ for the first time. They stood out in their words and behaviour. Discover more about a sincere Christian life and about a dynamic Christian fellowship in the ICF-Delft church service on 23 July!

What does it mean to be Christian?

The first time we hear the name ‘Christian’ is in Antioch around the year 40 A.D. A new international fellowship arose in that city (the third city in the Roman Empire). This happened because some Jewish followers of Jesus where scattered around by persecution, moved around, reached the city of Antioch and began to announce the Gospel of Jesus to the Greeks there. This was a new step and outsiders in the city used the nickname ‘Christians’ because their behaviour was notable.

Breakthrough despite suffering

We find the dynamics of this young fellowship in the book of Acts, chapter 11 and 13. The Christian community in Antioch reflects a real breakthrough of the Gospel despite suffering and opposition. Because it crosses many barriers of language and culture. Here you find a compassionate church, caring for the needs of others and a sending church. Because they sent off their best leaders to bring the Gospel to other nations. Being a Christian means participating in this dynamics that includes pain of suffering and joy of breakthroughs. By the way you still can visit the first built Christian church in Antioch that is a city in the south of Turkey now.

Discover more

Discover many more interesting and important marks of a sincere Christian life and a dynamic Christian community! This Sunday, 23 July in the church service of ICF-Delft, 12 hrs 15, Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102. Looking forward to meeting you there! Pastor Niek Tramper.