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Upcoming Sunday we have our Christmas service. The children have prepared a play about the wise men. In the beginning of the service we will watch them. And afterwards, we will sing beautiful Christmas songs and listen to the preaching of the Gospel. We will read several Christmas passages. And we will focus on in the sermon on John 1:14-18. You are so welcome to come and to invite friends. Unfortunately it is still cold in the church, so please, dress warmly. A merry Christmas for you all!



On Christmas Day the kids conclude the true story of Jesus’s birth from Matthew’s gospel, learning that child Jesus was kept safe by God.  Towards the start of the service, the children who have been practicing songs and a drama will perform.  Note that this part of the service will not be broadcast.  Later in the service, the children will go to their Treasure Seekers groups as usual.The New Church building is expected to be warmer than the last few weeks, since the outside temperature is higher, but warm clothes are recommended; the room used by Treasure Seekers is well heated and nicely warm.
Lesson Title:The Protected KingText            : Matthew 2:13-23Big Idea    : God guides Joseph to make sure that Jesus is protected from King Herod. Everywhere they go fits with the plans God made many years before.Aim: For the children to know that God’s plan for Jesus to be the King cannot be changed by anyone, ever.


Date:25 December 2022
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager

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