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What do you want to accomplish in your life? Good question to think about! Upcoming Friday we read from John’s Gospel how Jesus died at the cross. There was a victory cry at Calvary – have you noticed that? With a loud voice Jesus cried out: `it is finished’. He had accomplished what He had lived for. What was that?  You are so welcome to join the service and learn more. The service will be in the Marcuskerk, Menno ter Braaklaan 2; the service starts at 5:00 P.M.

Pastor Jos Slager


ICF Delft gathers on Good Friday 7 April: there will be Treasure Seekers groups at that service.  You can find some activity materials attached.ICF Delft then gathers on Easter Sunday 9 April: there will be Treasure Seekers as usual.  Small Easter eggs will be given to the children!Lesson Title: The ResurrectionText: Luke 24:1-12
Big Idea: A group of women discovered the empty tomb and were told by two angels that Jesus had been raised to life just as he had said he would be.
Aim: To teach that because Jesus was raised to life we can trust him in everything.


Date:7 April 2023
Time:5:00 pm
Speaker:Jos Slager