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Complete safety in Christ (2)

Those who are regenerate have a place to stay that is more real than any visible place. In it they enjoy complete safety. From it they receive protection against any threat. Under frightening circumstances their fear is taken away from them. In answer to their prayer, angels come to protect them. Their future is great and good. Is that really possible? Upcoming Sunday we read Psalm 91. We invite you to learn more!



God’s promise moves from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob and now to Joseph. This week at Treasure Seekers, the kids see that when God shows his plans for the future, they are certain, even if others reject them.
This Sunday the kids’ Bible passage is Genesis 37:1-36.  The Big Idea is that God shows Joseph in two dreams that he will be an important leader. This makes his brothers jealous and they get rid of him. This is the first lesson in a new series about Joseph, which will conclude the book of Genesis.  This series follows on from ‘Abraham – Journey of Faith’ and ‘Jacob – The Wrestler’.

Genesis 37-50 deals primarily with the life of Joseph, Jacob’s eleventh son, but the first child born to the much-loved Rachel. Since the three major patriarchs; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob together only occupy chapters 12-36, it is obvious that 37-50 are about more than just an individual. They are, in fact, about a people that God is calling to himself. This is clearly seen in Genesis 50:20 where we are told that despite the wicked behaviour of Joseph’s brothers, God has accomplished a great thing – the saving of a group of people (many lives) rather than just Joseph. This is a fulfilment, at least in part, of the promises originally made to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3. God also told Abraham that his descendants would spend four hundred years in slavery (Genesis 15:13) before being rescued and taken to the land God had promised to give them. In Egypt their descendants would be enslaved, but they would also significantly increase in number from 70 to over 600,000 men. They would then be rescued, given all the wealth of Egypt, made into a nation and given the land God had promised. The story of Joseph tells why and how Jacob’s family got to be in Egypt.

In this story, we have the privilege of seeing God’s purposes worked out from the perspective of their fulfilment. From that perspective, we can clearly see how God has worked, despite human wickedness, to achieve his purposes. Here is a video telling the story of Genesis 37.  The kids’ song is: 5020. Faithful Joseph. It’s a familiar tune to many, and at the service the music team will lead us in V1 and V5.

The memory verse for the Joseph series is:

“You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best.” Genesis 50:20 [CEV]


Date:7 November 2021
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager