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How to deal with cynicism

It can happen to you without intention. That cynicism creeps in. About others. About politics. About church. About God. About life. It wasn’t your purpose. But repeatedly you were disappointed. And then it simply seemed to happen to you. You begin to feel and think in a cynical way. Upcoming Sunday we learn more about this theme. In II Peter 3, Peter shows that he is aware that those to whom he writes will live in an atmosphere wherein everything they learnt about Jesus seems to be incredible. Even if they try to hold fast to their convictions, the critical questions they get, might creep in and undermine their stability in faith. However, Peter shows there is a wonderful way out. You are very welcome to learn more upcoming Sunday. And please don’t become cynical about the length of pastor Jos’ sermons: the sermon will not be as long as last week’s sermonūüėČ

Upcoming Sunday we will celebrate Holy Communion. When you have come to believe in and to profess your faith in Jesus Christ, you are very welcome to join. You can still join from home; then please have bread and wine/juice at hand and use the Zoom-link.

Treasure Seekers – in person

This week the kids look at Genesis chapter 4 and see how sin affects our emotions, thoughts, words and actions in the story of Cain and Abel — and learn that we can repent and be forgiven because God is merciful.

During the ICF Delft service, children leave for their own Bible teaching at Treasure Seekers part-way through the service, after the kids’ song, and rejoin for the final song of the service.¬† The creche room is also available for 0-2 year olds.¬†For those not attending ICFD in person, we’ll continue to send materials by email.

This week the kids’ Bible passage is Genesis 4:1-16.¬† The Big Idea is Cain, jealous because Abel’s sacrifice was accepted, murdered his brother and then lied to God about it because he refused to repent.

Here is a¬†video¬†telling the story and explaining it. The video is suitable for slightly older children. The kids’ song is:¬†“Our God is King Over All the World”

The memory verse is Romans 3:23:

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. [NIV]


Date:18 July 2021
Time:12:30 pm
Location:Youtube Live Stream / New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager