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We have seen a lot of grumbling in the book of Numbers, the past weeks. A whole generation was not able to enter in into God’s promised land, because of their grumbling and rebellion. Until now we learnt they were not the only grumblers. We also grumble, from time to time. But, as God’s people went out of Egypt with joyful praise, so should God’s people who will inherit the Kingdom be a people that praises God, not a people that grumbles against Him. So: what will end our grumbling and make us praise our Lord wholeheartedly? Upcoming Sunday we read Numbers 21:4-9 and we’ll find great answers.

Treasure Seekers

A wonderful Bible passage from the Old Testament that points to Jesus — this week at Treasure Seekers, the children will learn that Jesus is a better priest than was Aaron!  Symptom-free kids ages 3-11 are welcome to Treasure Seekers groups.  The creche facilities are also available for 0-2 year olds.Lesson Title    : Aaron’s Budding StaffText                  : Numbers 16:1 – 17:13
Big Idea           : God proved Aaron was Israel’s priest. Aaron saved them from death.
Teaching Aim : To teach that Jesus is a better priest than Aaron because he saves us from death forever. We need no other priest.

The memory verse for the Exodus-to-Joshua series is:
“Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” (Joshua 21:45)



Date:11 September 2022
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager

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