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In all the things we do, we look for life. We work or study, because we want to live. We eat and go on holidays, because we want to live. We want to live. But do we have life? Are we even able to offer life to others? Jesus promised that whoever would believe in him, would not only have life, but would become a life source for others. Upcoming Sunday we read Chapter 7 verses 37-39 from John’s Gospel and we will learn how this works in our lives. You are so welcome to come and join!


The children continue studying the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew’s gospel with their second lesson, thinking about living differently to others because we love Jesus.We offer two Treasure Seekers groups on Sundays at ICF Delft:* Discoverers: 3-7 years / school group 0-4.* Explorers: 7-11 years / school group 4-8.All pre-school and primary-age kids are welcome.  The guideline is that if the child can read (English or Dutch), then Explorers is appropriate, while if the child cannot read yet, then Discoverers is appropriate.  The room at the far end of the New Church is also available for a self-supervised creche for 0-2 years.
Lesson Title :Salt and LightText : Matthew 5:13–16Big Idea :Jesus’ followers will be so different to others that their lives will point others to Jesus.Aim: To persuade children that living for Jesus can bring others closer to Jesus.


Date:12 February 2023
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager