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Blindness is a serious handicap. Though, thank God, today there are many means to help blind people live their lives and feel included. Surely a bigger problem than blindness is spiritual blindness. Unfortunately none of us is born without this disease. Because of human sinfulness we fall short of beholding the glory of God. We are born with an innate longing to worship. But we don’t see the glory of the one who is worth of all our worship. So good, so far. A still bigger problem than spiritual blindness, is to be spiritually blind, without being aware of your blindness. To think you are one who sees, because you know a lot about the Bible, God and religion. But worst of all is someone who claims to see and to be a guide, though he is blind and ignores the symptoms that he is blind. No one would want to enter a bus with a blind driver, ignoring his blindness. A bus driver, ignoring the symptoms of his blindness and inviting people to enter his bus, commits a crime. So much the more, the spiritually blind guide. Upcoming Sunday we learn more about how Jesus deals with spiritual blindness. You are so welcome to join!


This Sunday is the kids’ third lesson from the Sermon on the Mount, from Matthew’s gospel. We offer two Treasure Seekers groups on Sundays at ICF Delft:* Discoverers: 3-7 years / school group 0-4.* Explorers: 7-11 years / school group 4-8.

Lesson Title : Loving EnemiesText : Matthew 5:43–48Big Idea : Jesus’ followers should love all, just as God has loved all in sending his son to die for those who hated him.Aim: Pray for help to be people who are different because we are people who love those who hate and hurt us.


Date:19 February 2023
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager