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Empowering Prayer

Do you pray for others? Probably most of us do. Are others praying for you? Probably also. Do you know what others are praying for you? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Sometimes it is good, not only that people pray for you, but also that you hear and know what they are praying. Upcoming Sunday we read on in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. He wanted the Ephesian Christians to know why he was praising God for them. We explored about that last week. This Sunday we will hear what Paul prayed for the Ephesians and why he wanted that they heard his prayer. You are so welcome to join and learn more!



In the light of Pentecost, the early church went out on mission, led by the Holy Spirit and working with him to tell people about Jesus, God’s rescuing King.  This week, in their final session from Romans, the kids at ICFD will see that we too are called to mission.  Please can Explorers kids bring their bibles?
Lesson Title: The CallText: Romans 10:9-15
Big Idea:  People cannot hear the good news about Jesus and be saved unless someone goes to tell them.Aim To teach that we must send people to preach the good news about Jesus so that others can hear and believe.


Date:2 June 2024
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager