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Final Exodus: Revealing the True King and God with Heavenly Power

New Church Delft Markt 80, Delft

What we see guides how we live. Seeing heavenly glory and majesty is then at the center of living out a heavenly life in this world that is passing away. This Sunday, we will explore Revelation 1:9-2:7 to witness the heavenly glory and majesty fully revealed in the risen Lord Jesus Christ. We will see ... Read more

Restore and Rebuild

New Church Delft Markt 80, Delft

Rubble, ruin and wreckage. Last week we heard the writer of Lamentations describe what he saw and felt in the aftermath of the Babylonian’s destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. It was an anguished cry from deep within his soul. It was as though his spirit was shaken to its core. But not quite. In ... Read more

Solid Faith in a Shattered World

New Church Delft Markt 80, Delft

If you are like most people, at some point in the morning you will get on to the internet and check out the latest news. That is rarely a pleasant experience. Morning by morning new stories and images of suffering and tragedy we see. The apparent reality of a shattered world assaults us before we ... Read more