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(Un) Impressed

The secret of Christians living out the Gospel in an impressive way, is never that they are so heroic, but always that they are deeply impressed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At first sight the Gospel is not very impressive. But when our eyes are spiritually opened, we become so deeply impressed, that all the dangers and threads of the world will become unimpressive by what we have seen. Upcoming Sunday we look at Psalm 110, a Psalm of David and we will be enabled to see how these words point in a deeply impressive way to Jesus.

If you want to visit the Nieuwe Kerk, please register here beforehand.  Deadline: register before the night of Friday to Saturday (00:00)


The Lord’s Supper

Upcoming Sunday, after a long time, we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper again. We warmly invite international Christians in and around Delft to come and be blessed in eating the bread and drinking from the cup, pointing to Jesus atoning death for us. We have pre-packaged bread and cups, which makes it possible to celebrate the Lord’s supper in a
responsible way.


The Children’s Ministry | Time: 12:30 pm

This coming Sunday at Treasure Seekers we start thinking about Jesus’ incarnation and how Jesus is king of Christmas!

The bible passage is Matthew 1:1-17.  The children will learn that Matthew uses Jesus Christ’s family tree to show that Jesus is the one to whom God’s story has been pointing.

The kids song is Guess What Happened Long Ago (Glory to God).



Date:22 November 2020
Time:12:30 pm
Location:Youtube Live Stream
Speaker:Jos Slager