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Priorities for a New Year

The new year 2021 has just begun. A very good moment to think of our priorities. First things first. Do you know what Jesus’ first thing was?
Upcoming Sunday we see it. And we see how Jesus stuck to his priorities. Let’s join online and unite as a fellowship in singing with the songs, praying with the prayers and listening to the preaching!

The Children’s Ministry | 12:30 pm

On 10 January the Treasure Seekers bible passage is Mark 1:9-13.  The big idea is that the Lord arrives!  At his baptism, God tells everyone that Jesus is his son and in the desert Jesus proves he can conquer sin.

The kids’ song is He’s the King of Kings (Who is this Man?).

There are no in-person Treasure Seekers groups while the current covid rules continue.



Date:10 January 2021
Time:12:30 pm
Location:Youtube Live Stream
Speaker:Jos Slager