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Abuse Exposed

We long to live impactful lives, don’t we? It is an honour to get a position from where you can have much impact. Something you might not have thought about, is that you will without doubt be confronted with forms of corruption. You might become victim of it. You might become involved in it. You might even become the abuser yourself. Ever thought about that? Perhaps for you it’s not a `might’ – but it already is a part of your life’s story. For all of us, it is important that we come to know what it is and how it works. Upcoming Sunday’s sermon theme will be: `abuse exposed’. We will read from the Bible II Samuel 11, about David and Bathsheba.

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The Children’s Ministry | Time: 12:30 pm

This coming Sunday at Treasure Seekers we continue thinking about how Jesus is king of Christmas — that Jesus is God who came to be with us and rescue us from our sins.

The bible passage is Matthew 1:18-25.  The children will learn that an angel tells Joseph that Mary’s baby is God (the Son) and he comes to save. Joseph should not be afraid to adopt the baby as his own son.

The kids song is Good News, Good News to You We Bring.


Date:29 November 2020
Time:12:30 pm
Location:Youtube Live Stream
Speaker:Jos Slager