Evil in God’s plan?

evil in Gods plan

Evil in God’s plan?

How can you combine the existence of a God who is almighty and merciful with the reality of evil in this world? It’s an old question and not just a theoretical problem. When people who love God come across sin and suffering – and they often do! – how can they continue to trust God and to hope for the new world that He promised?

We face this question when we read the last chapter of the book of Genesis (50). Joseph meets his brothers after the death of their father Jacob. The brothers are afraid. ‘Now Joseph will take revenge on us for all evil we have done to him.’ But Joseph’s answer is the opposite of what they expect: ‘You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good: the saving of many lives.’

Joseph says that God is able to use evil in His plan, although He doesn’t want it. How is that possible? What, if you face evil (problems, set backs, mistakes and suffering)? Can this have a meaning in your life?

Discover more about how God deals with evil and how we should deal with it! You are most welcome to the ICF Delft church service on Sunday, November 19, at 12:15pm.

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Pastor Niek Tramper