Experiencing the reality of God?, August 5


Experiencing the reality of God?

If God is there, why do not most people experience the reality of his presence? No wonder many people say: ‘Why should we believe in a God, Creator and Redeemer, as there is no evidence of his existence at all?’ (nor for his non-existence by the way…).

What then do Christians mean, when they say that they have a relationship with God? If you ask them, they honestly admit that they often struggle with the question of experiencing God as well.

The struggles and the questions about God’s presence are frequent in the Psalms. If we have questions about God’s appearing absence and long for the experience of the reality of his presence, we must read (and sing!) the psalms. This Sunday (5 August) we focus on Psalm 4. This psalm moves from ‘religion’ to ‘relation’, and shows that the joy of God’s presence isn’t a cheap experience. It is a real one, but it is prepared in the deep of sorrow and distress.

Hear, see more on Sunday 5th of August, Génestetchurch, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pastor Niek Tramper