Family Relationships and Education


Coming Sunday will be the third service in our series on relationships.
Christian parents are sometimes confused or overwhelmed with the responsibility they have to bring up their children in a godly way. Parents are stewards and don’t own their children. But parents are responsible for their upbringing. Part of this upbringing is to educate them in the ways of God. They aim to help their children not only to be well-behaved but to come to a knowledge of the truth. This is to help them know God’s love and hopefully make a commitment to follow Him.

What does the Bible say about ‘educating’ our children in God’s ways? How is this to be done? How is this not to be done? What if the children will not follow God? How can this process of bringing up children in a godly manner help parents grow in their own relationship with God? We will try to touch on these questions and study a few passages from the Bible that shed some light on this issues. You are warmly welcomed to our Sunday service to discover more about this! Join us on November 5 in the Génestet church, Oude Delft 102, at 12:15pm.

Potluck Lunch
After the Service we will have Potluck Lunch together.
Everyone brings some food to church, either savoury or sweet, enough for 8-10 people. There are limited warming options in the kitchen (a small microwave, and electric plates).  You could bring, homemade or shop-bought (for example savoury dish, vegetables, rice, bread, cheese, snacks, dessert, biscuits, tart, fresh fruit or vla). Everything and everyone is welcome!