ICF Delft Church Services in the Christmas Period

christmas tree

ICF Delft Church services in the Christmas period in the Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102

On Sunday 24th of December we have our ‘regular’ church service at 12:15pm. Rev. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand will preach on Revelation 21 verse 16 (Jesus says: ‘I am the bright morning star’)

On Sunday 25th of December we celebrate Christmas in a special joyful service, starting at 12:15pm. The children will stay in the service and we will sing a number of Christmas songs together. Also there will be a Bible story for the children and pastor Niek Tramper will preach on the theme: ‘The King is there – are you ready to welcome him?’ focusing on the Gospel of the birth of the Lord Jesus in Luke 2 verses 1-7.
After the service you are welcome for fellowship, coffee, tea and sweets in the annex room. And at 14:30 a special potluck Christmas fellowship lunch will start.

On Sunday, 31st of December, the last day of the year, we will also have a church service at 12:15pm.  Pastor Niek Tramper will then preach on the theme (from the 2nd letter of Peter): ‘Leaving the old, entering the new’.

Delft Project of Immanual church, Schoemakerstraat also organizes an Intercultural evening on 24th of December that starts at 18:00 in Immanuelchurch, Schoemakerstraat 1. More info on the website: delftproject.nl