Invitation for a special dinner


It is an honour and privilege to be invited for a dinner party like a marriage banquet, especially when you are together with people from different cultures and nations. So many anecdotes to share about food and habits around the meal!

In our series of sermons about parables of Jesus we come across the story Jesus told about a great banquet (Gospel of Luke 14 verses 15-24) with many people invited. However, the people who appear at the feast are not the ones who were invited originally, but people from the street. The originally invited guests all of a sudden seemed to have different priorities and didn’t show up.

The parable is an invitation to consider our life priorities and to discern between what is urgent and what is important.

Come & taste more in ICD-D church service on Sunday 3 March, New Church, 12 hrs 30.

Pastor Niek Tramper