Jesus, his family and name


When you become a member of a family, your name is connected to the names, the history, the fame and the shame of the family. This can cause dilemmas. Next Sunday we will explore the connection between Jesus and his family. And the connection between us and Jesus. As we will see, here dilemmas play a role also. We look forward to seeing you!

Meet Jesus with Matthew 

The upcoming time we will read and explore one specific book from the Bible: the Gospel according to Matthew. In the period between now and the Sunday after Easter the pastors who lead the services in ICF Delft will help you to experience and grasp the message of the whole book. Often the Bible is used to pick up single verses or episodes and to meditate upon these. That is good. But of course the writer of the book intended for more than to give us verses and episodes. He wrote a book with a message. The verses and the episodes were and are connected. They tell an amazing and life-changing story. As somebody once said about the Bible: I have read many books, but now I have discovered a book that reads me! Become part of this and join us the upcoming time in ICF Delft.

Read back the sermon and/or the outline of the sermon: Sermon Matthew 1  and Sermon outline Matthew 1