key to life

1. key to life 2

Keys are little objects but extremely important in our life. Most probably you have a couple of them in your pocket at least. A key gives you access to your apartment or house, and only you. Without it you cannot unlock your bike or start your car. To hold a key is a sign of ownership and authority. But locks and keys are necessary to prevent others entering our house or stealing our bike.

What is the key to life itself? What opens the door of happiness or the way to success? Maybe you dream about a key role in research. Maybe you look for a key position in society or in your family.

In ICF-Delft service this month we meet somebody who takes a central role in saving a nation. The way toward this position was extremely hard however. It’s about Joseph the son of Jacob. His life story is very instructive. Maybe it tells us that we should mistrust every easy and simple way to success.

Joseph reminds us of a Key-holder who has opened the door to real life and true happiness. It’s Jesus who holds the key of life. See, hear, taste more of Him in the service of this Sunday, 1st of October, GĂ©nestet Church, 12 hrs 15!

Taste and see that God is good

In the service of 1 October we read a part of the Bible (Genesis 41), and we also celebrate the Holy Communion. The Holy Communion is a special celebration of what Jesus did for us. In HC we receive a piece of bred and a tiny cup of wine as signs of his broken body and shed blood. All who confess Him as their Saviour and Lord are very welcome to partake. If you are still unsure or searches to know God, you may let it pass, but we warmly invite you to ask for a personal prayer after the service.