Kingdom unleashed

Sermon on the mount

Upcoming Sunday we will read Matthew 28 : 16 – 20. For Christians a familiar passage. But this Sunday we will really read it as it was intended: as the concluding passage of this chapter, this section of chapters and of this whole book.

It began to announce that Jesus is the son of David. Now we know that the Son of David has come – proof has been given; and insight in His character, kingdom and task. Now he has brought that which does not only redeem His own people, the Jews (sons of Abraham) but that which does redeem all nations (sons of Adam): namely by atoning for our sins by His blood reconciliation with God; so that there can now be an international people where the living God can dwell into Immanuel; that is: I am with you.

God has enthroned this King. Then why is His Kingdom not yet there, visible to everyone? It has been announced by Jesus himself (Ch. 24); as the Messiah had to be rejected and neglected, His bride, His people will have to go the same way throughout the whole world (and history); however: as Jesus revealed the glory of His Father, now His bride, His people will witness His glory, by teaching and preaching the glory of the King, the Gospel, the book that reveals his glory. And as the bride is continually in the mind and attention of the bridegroom, so it will be with us.