False and True Dreams

Many of us dream to be settled in career, long for a stable family and work for a harmonious society. Many of us cherish dreams of a peaceful world with no threads of terrorist attacks, wars and climate changes. You are not human if you don’t long for that. It is wonderful if you see your dreams become true. We also know that dreams often are unrealistic. We have to admit that the world is far from what we dreamt her to be.

The disciples of Jesus in their time dreamt to see the settlement of a peaceful nation with economic, social and spiritual welfare. But Jesus promises something different to his students: the gift of the Spirit that sets them in motion. No settlement, but on the move! They will cross barriers of language and culture, personal and social barriers. Why? Because they will be witnesses of God’s new world. They will not stick to the establishment but will announce a new and transformed world. The Kingdom that God promises and that is coming!

How can we do our daily work and at the same time become participants in this movement of the Spirit? Discover more in ICF-Delft-service on 21 May. In this service we make a start with a new series of sermons about the way the Spirit of God moved people to spread the Good News in the early century. And how He does it today! Welcome in ICF-Delft, Sunday 21 May 12. Hrs 15 Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102.