Comforter and coach! That sounds well, yes, but these words might raise many questions to you. Who or what actually is the Spirit of God and how does He do this work of comforting and coaching? If I need such a coach, how can I ask Him? More in the ICF-service 4 th of June!

Jesus said that the Spirit is the Comforter who will bring new joy in God. That he is the Coach who will help us finding a real and lasting life goal. That he is de Advocate, the one who assists if we are accused, and when we realize that we cannot stand in God’s judgment.

The Spirit of God wants to create in us a new heart, a new desire to love God and to love people around. He causes a deep longing for the renewal of a world that is full of evil and pain still.

Eager to learn more about the work of the Holy Spirit? Join us in the ICF-service, Sunday 4 June (Pentecost Sunday, the Sunday of the Holy Spirit), 12 hrs 15 Génestet church, Oude Delft 102. Pastor Niek Tramper will do the sermon and afterwards you are welcome for a fellowship lunch.