Read your Bible, pray every day!

read the bible

Read your Bible, pray every day!

You might be familiar with this children’s song. Children always like to sing it and they make movements with their arms and hands while singing!
The truth in this children’s song is less easy to put in practice for adults. Most of us are very busy with study, work, family issues and much more.
Therefore, for the honour of God and for keeping ourselves healthy spiritually we should not forget to feed ourselves from the Word of God and to express our thankfulness and dependency in prayer. 

There is a wealth of websites and materials to help you with it. Especially when you are new to Christian faith and want to grow in Christian understanding and practice, here is a number of recommendations for you. (If a link may not work, copy it and paste it into your browser.)

We hope and pray that it will help you to discover more about the beauty and truth of Christian faith!
Pastor Niek

If you want to use a good guide to read the Bible, we recommend:

* Alan M Stibbs ‘A devotional guide to the Bible’
* Ro Willoughby ‘Quiet time Companion’
* Chronical Life Application Bible
You can order by or (in Dutch) by:
Click on ‘Look inside’ and you can read quite a few days to get an idea how it works and try it out. Also recommended:

If you want some tools on how to study the Bible, you can go to: Watch 9 minute sessions on how to study the Bible inductively.

You can also listen to the Bible being read,

if you find it hard to sit still and read: or on the Olive Tree App (see below)

Websites that give you many more tools for studying the Bible,

like different translations, Greek and Hebrew original text, more elaborated Bible studies about different subjects and Bible commentaries:

For Chinese speakers:  (Go to ‘resources’ – several resources in Mandarin/Chinese) Bible Study App. You can also find the Bible in many different languages here, so if you ever want to show someone something in their language you can find the text in their language.

Devotional Bible reading guides

Special: The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a plan for reading through the Bible. It is very helpful for people who don’t find it easy to get into reading. It is a unique series of short videos (6-8 minutes long) giving an overview of each book of the Bible, plus short films on other Bible themes.
-> Read through Scripture – Old Testament
-> Read through Scripture – New Testament
Get it printed here:

For signing up for weekly newsletters which give you the reading plan and videos to watch plus a blog with extra teaching about the reading for that week: