Registration Check in – Check out


Could you imagine that you would be part of a family and that you would leave your family without saying goodbye? Or could you imagine that you would be part of a family and on a certain day there is someone at the table you have never seen – and that you would just eat together, without introducing yourself to one another? I couldn’t. In a family, you know each other’s names. Normally you know the names of your brothers and your sisters. Now the church is not just like a family – it IS a family. The church is not a grocery. In the grocery there is no need to introduce yourself to one another. But since the church is a family, there is this need.

As ICF, we want to keep the record of those who want to be part of the fellowship. And of the way you are connected. You can be part of it as a member. But also as a guest-member. You can even just connect without membership, even when you do not yet see yourself as a Christian at all. On our website we have a helpful tool for this registration: This is not just about formality. It is about being a family. I am aware that being a family can feel threatening as well. Sometimes anonymity has advantages. And of course, if you want to get to know ICF firstly a bit anonymously, you are welcome. But making yourself known has many more advantages. So we encourage you not to wait, but to register and to check in and, when you leave, to check out. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask these!