Relationships in work and study – Service on Jan. 28


Relationships in work and study

Dorothy Sayers wrote in an essay “Why work”: “In nothing has the Church so lost Her hold on reality as in Her failure to understand and respect the secular vocation. (…) How can anyone remain interested in a religion which seems to have no concern with nine-tenths of his life?” The nine-tenth of his life is the secular vocation, the daily work or study.

That is why we pay attention to work and study at ICF, and coming Sunday from the perspective of relationships in work and study. I think we all know how valuable relationships in work and study can be, but also how frustrating relationships can be. We will study this theme mainly from Ephesians 6:5-9, a text about slaves and masters. So, the question is: can we learn anything at all from an old text about slavery for relationships in work and study today?

We look forward to see you and learn more about this in our Service, 12:15pm.

Henk Polinder