Resuming worship services with people physically present


From Wednesday the 28th of April, the Dutch government is relaxing the corona measures, for example by stopping the curfew, by allowing more people to meet and by making it possible for students to go to university. 

As ICF council, we decided to resume worship services with people physically present from the moment the Dutch government would relax the corona measures. Therefore, from Sunday, the 2nd of May, we will invite up to 30 people + “personnel” in church. On the one hand, we are very happy to see that the government is relaxing the rules and we can come to the church. On the other hand, we are concerned about the numbers of people infected and in hospital. Therefore, we want to be very careful and ask you to join online when you have complaints that could be related to corona.

The room available for the children ministry is not very suitable. Therefore, we propose to postpone resuming in-person Treasure Seekers sessions. Of course, children are welcome to sit in the church services. Parents will continue to receive Treasure Seekers materials by email.

If you want to come to the church, you can express your interest by filling out the google form before Friday midnight. On Saturday you will then get a personal invitation to join. If more than 30 people express interest to join, we will ask the last people who registered late to come next week and we will then give them priority.