“Come and sit for a while.”

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42
Series: Grow in confidence with Luke
Speaker: Bob Landon
Date: 06-03-2022

I have one of those so-called “smart watches” that periodically measures my heart rate, announces incoming messages and phone calls, as well as counts the number of steps I take during the day. If I have been sitting too much it can urge me to get up and move about. In truth, most of us simply sit too much and need to get up and move. Afterall, the medical profession advises us if we want to live a long life, we need to be less sedentary and be more active.

But what if our desire is not so much for a long life, but rather to enjoy eternal life?

Perhaps I need a “spiritual life watch” that warns me when my heart is growing cold to the things of God, a spiritual watch that draws my attention to messages from God, and yes, a spiritual watch that urges me to sit for a while, at the feet of Jesus.

In our sermon series from the Gospel according to Luke we have embarked on a journey with Jesus. Jesus has set his face toward Jerusalem, to the cross, to the grave and finally to being seated on His throne in heaven. It is an urgent journey, an arduous journey. Surely the most difficult journey ever taken.

But even in such a journey there are times to sit for a while. That is what we will be doing this Sunday. What does it mean to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind? Is that even humanly possible?