Scripture: John 11
Series: Believe in Jesus with John
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 12-03-2023

Believers pray when they are in need. But does that help? Sometimes you prayed and nothing happened. Nothing! Some say: of course not, there is no God, God doesn’t care, you must care for yourself! Are they right? Does God care, or not? This is an important question. Sometimes, even  though you believe God cares, you are confused and feel pain: why did  nothing happen when I prayed? Upcoming Sunday we read the story about Lazarus and his sisters (John 11). We will see that God cares and how. Even more than we could ever have imagined.

The service will be an all-age-service. This means that the preaching will be for all, including the children – they will stay in the whole service. However, parents may feel free to keep their children, also the toddlers and the babies in the service