How to deal with lonelines

Scripture: Psalm 1
Series: Pray with the King
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 05-09-2021

The Bible shows us another way to go in life. Not the common way. Not the easy way. Not the attractive way. But the way that God calls us to go. The way of listening to and of obedience to Gods’ Word. We might know we should go this way. But how attractive is it? It feels as if you are almost alone, if you would go this way. As if you will end up unhappy, lonely and laughed at. Now listen at this song: Psalm 1. Hear how a choir sings that those who go this way, are blessed. Psalm 1 and Psalm 2 invite us to join a people and a King who go this way. The book of Psalms is a songs- and prayerbook to be heard and sung, making you aware that you are not at all alone when you go this way. You are very welcome to come to church upcoming Sunday (Psalm 1) and next week (Psalm 2) to learn more!