How to survive

Scripture: Psalm 3
Series: Pray with the King
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 26-09-2021

Last week we learnt that obedience comes with objections. If you really want to do what God tells you to do, you will soon find out that there there comes a lot of unrest – from without and from within. Therefore we are easily inclined to give up. Jesus didn’t give up. He knew that God would support Him. He went on, in his obedience, until the cross and the grave. But have you ever wondered how Jesus was able to continue? We know that prayer helped Jesus. But what kind of prayer would have helped Jesus? Maybe such prayer might also help us.

Upcoming Sunday we look at Psalm 3. Psalm 1 & 2 both form the introduction to the book of Psalms. Psalm 3 is, in fact, the first prayer in a long series of prayers – ending in complete praise in Psalm 150. In Psalm 3 we hear how David prayed, how Jesus prayed and how we can pray.