How you can face the future

Scripture: I Peter 4 : 1 - 11
Series: Persevere with Peter
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 23-05-2021

What do you think your future will look like? Much depends on this question. We need to think of the future, we should think of it – whether we like it or not. But can you think of the future with confidence and joy? Can your thoughts of the future even inspire you to act out of confidence and joy in your daily life, rather than out of fear and anxiety? Through faith in Christ, we can! God sent his Son Jesus to save us. From a bad future. For a good future. And God sent his Spirit to sanctify us. Which means: to transform our lives so that they are adapted and prepared for the future. No, God will not save us, because we are so well adapted for the future. But because He saved us from a bad future, He will also sanctify us and make us ready for a good future. This is what Pentecost is all about. Upcoming Sunday you can learn more about this, when we read from the Bible I Peter 4:7-11.