Scripture: Numbers 25
Series: Numbers for grumblers
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 25-09-2022

`Religion may have had it’s function for the progression of the evolution of mankind, but for now it’s role is over and it is better not to be religious.’ This is the opinion of many today, isn’t it? `

Although religions brought good things, like some morality and social cohesion, for now we can do without, can’t we? Since, having a closer look at it, it’s morality makes people unfree. And ultimately it doesn’t bind people together, but it rather separates people and stirs them up against each other. Why else all the religious wars and conflicts throughout history and even still?’ We warmly invite you to join upcoming Sunday’s ICF-Delft church service to see how the Bible deals with these questions. We will read a challenging Bible passage: Numbers 25.