Scripture: Numbers 10 vs. 11-36
Series: Numbers for grumblers
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 21-08-2022

A few more weeks and for many among us a new season will start. Do you feel ready for it? Last week we considered the possibility that you might not feel ready. That you feel nervous and anxious about things upcoming. We learnt that we should then remind ourselves of all God’s faithfulness in our lives. But what if we ready and confident for what is coming? Because we have seen so much of God’s faithfulness? And because currently we do not see great obstacles on the way? Then we have still to be alert! Upcoming Sunday we will see how God’s people set out from Mount Sinai to travel to the promised land. There were no signs of big upcoming troubles. Only a man with the name Hobab says he doesn’t want to join them. Should they bother about this? Be so welcome upcoming Sunday to hear the next sermon in the new sermon series `Numbers for grumblers’ and see what the Lord teaches you for your daily life!