Scripture: Numbers 1-6
Series: Numbers for grumblers
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 14-08-2022

A few more weeks and for many among us a new season will start. Do you feel ready for it? Some of you are looking for it. Others may say: please, don’t even talk about it, I am still in my holiday-modus…

During the past weeks I have read and reread the book of Numbers several times. Lord willing, upcoming Sunday we will start a sermon series on the book of Numbers. Why – of all biblebooks – Numbers? In the book of Numbers Moses retells how Israel, after a long vacation, a long Holy-Day at Mt Sinai, finally would take off and travel to the promised land. They had to prepare for a travel through the desert, they had to be ready for war… Maybe they thought: don’t even talk about it, let us stay here a little longer. But in the first 10 chapters of the book of Numbers God’s people receive everything they need for the road that lies ahead. The Holy Spirit urged Moses to write these things for God’s people in later times.