Scripture: John 14 vs. 22-29
Series: Believe in Jesus with John
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 18-05-2023

Why have a church service on Ascension Day? Not everyone is used to that. Of course it is always good to come together as Christians. But is Ascension Day a theme worth of a service? Once we get to see the importance of Jesus Ascension, we will see it absolutely is. For us it seems Jesus’ Ascension means `he left us, he is gone’. But his Ascension is nothing less than his enthronement, his re-entering heaven, his being crowned as king, his being glorified and praised and exalted by all heaven for what he has accomplished in obedience to the Father for our salvation. Then, wouldn’t there be every reason for us to rejoice as well! Sure! So: come and take others with you and let’s rejoice together on the Ascension Day!