Scripture: Numbers 36
Series: Numbers for grumblers
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 20-11-2022

What is Christianity all about? If you ask this question today to believers, or to unbelievers, you will get diverse answers. For instance: about being forgiven and loved by God. Or: about following and trusting Jesus. Or: wanting to live the way Christ lived. Though all these answers are good, one thing is missing. One thing that Christians, when Christianity was just born, would immediately mention. Christianity is all about receiving an inheritance – the coming kingdom of God, the new earth. Looking forward to this and trusting that it was real, those early Christians would often make radical, impressive choices. Upcoming Sunday, the last Sunday in the church year before the advent starts, we will hear more about this final inheritance, as we read the last chapter of the book of Numbers. You are so welcome to come and learn more!