Scripture: Acts 2 :22-40
Series: Blessed with the Spirit
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 03-07-2022

When you make big mistakes at work, you will probably get in trouble. And when you are completely ignorant of your failures, your problems will continue to exist. It would be helpful if someone would make you aware of what is going on. Not pleasing you, but confronting you. At the same time not judging you, but helping you to understand what went wrong. It would be kind, if someone would do that for you.

Upcoming Sunday we will learn more about the Holy Spirit. The function of the Spirit is to open our eyes for our true condition before God.
The Spirit works through the preaching of the Word. The aim of this, is that we may repent, turn to Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins and be saved. Upcoming Sunday we will learn more about this when we read about Peter’s preaching in Acts 2 :22-40.