The Gospel Goes On

Scripture: Mark 16:9-20
Series: Discover Jesus with Mark
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 11-04-2021

The Roman emperor Nero once tried to get rid of all Christians in his city and in his empire. He hated their `Gospel’, their `Good news, there has been a change-of-rule – message’. Though they respected him and prayed for him, he knew they were speaking about another Lord, called `Jesus Christ’. Many Christians were tortured, thrown to the lions, burnt… But the Gospel they proclaimed went on. It still does. Throughout history many attempts have been made to stop this ongoing Gospel. But it seems that the more it was tried to stop it, the more it came back. Think of Russia, China, Iran and other countries where this was or is tried and where we however see a vibrant Christianity.

This service we read Mark 16:9-20 and learn more about how the Gospel goes on and how you can be part of it.