The Shocking Easter Reset

Scripture: Mark 15:40-16:8
Series: Discover Jesus with Mark
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 04-04-2021

Perhaps you have heard, read or thought about `the great reset’.

Upcoming Sunday we celebrate the great feast of Easter. This is not just a religious feast for Christians. The message of Easter is a `reset’ message with impact for every person and people on earth. We should not only come to know about the content, the reliability and the truthfulness of it. We should become aware of the shocking reality that has already begun, when Jesus was risen from the dead. As soon as we start to realise it, can we remain silent and passive any longer?

I strongly recommend and ask you to invite others to join our online Easter service. Couldn’t we all invite at least our social media contacts to watch the service? Pray and see what you can do more to spread the Easter message! As your pastor I wish you all an extraordinary blessed and beautiful Easter. But let us also pray for boldness. That we may be a fellowship that proclaims boldly the truth and reality and urgency and happiness of the Good News of Easter.