Scripture: Luke 19:28-48 (we’ll focus on vs. 37-44)
Series: Grow in confidence with Luke
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 27-03-2022

How precious is peace. And how sad is war. You don’t want to see your city, your country ruined by war and violence. If it happens to your own country, you cry. When Jesus came into the world, he was announced by the angels as the bringer of peace on earth. But when he finally arrived at Jerusalem, also called `the city of peace’, he foresaw Jerusalem’s grim future. And he wept. Jerusalem needed Jesus to have peace. And so do we. Reject Jesus and all the things you expect peace from will finally fail. Receive and hold fast to Jesus and although all things may seem to fail you, you will see you have lasting peace. This Sunday, you can learn more about this, when we read from Luke’s Gospel (see especially Luke 19:41-44).