Why pride leads to problem

Scripture: I Peter 5
Series: Persevere with Peter
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 06-06-2021

Believe in yourself! ‘Be proud of yourself, just as you are!’ `Do what your heart believes that is good, follow your heart!’ Statements like these are not just statements. They are a modern creed. A creed that is shared by many. Many have come to believe that we ourselves are the best place to look at, for what we should trust, what should decide what is good and wrong and what we should follow. The Bible disagrees. It says such pride leads to problems and is a problem itself. Even those who know that may not be inclined to agree. Neither did Peter, when Jesus spoke to him and encouraged him to be humble and not to believe in himself. Peter didn’t agree. Later on he learnt his lesson. In the letter he wrote he shares what he learnt and what we should better pay attention to.